Start your day off with the compelling rhythms of Afro-Peru.

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  • Rhythms from the African diaspora. A vital and fascinating musical and cultural heritage.
  • In the time of slavery, Africans in Peru developed a language with their beats - Afro-Pervian "talking drums," foundation of today's Afro- Peruvian music and dance.
  •  Use our films to take a stroll through history, and see how the African diaspora played out in Peru.

--above: Huevito dancing zapateo--

"Wow!  We stumbled on your show Saturday night and were knocked over...."

" so compelling you just might jump up and join in."
DEIRDRE TOWERS (former curator, Dance on Camera Festival)

"...Highly recommended... " 
(Video Librarian)

Filmmaker Eve A. Ma, a "music and dance junkie" who thinks of herself as an international version of Les Blank, speaks several languages and has traveled to every inhabited continent except Australia.

"Music and dance are in my blood. They are so emotional, and so great for communicating - not just emotions, but also a person's culture," she explains. 

She should know: she has directed and produced documentaries about music and dance ranging from classical southern Indian to Afro-Peruvian to Tahitian to Spanish flamenco.  After all, she says, "Music and dance are great ways to learn about each other while having a good time." 

Ma has also directed a feature-length drama, and several experimental shorts. Her award-winning films, shot in the United States, Spain, and Peru, have been in festivals on three continents.  

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